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My name is Aiman Azizan. I am accounting student at UiTM Shah Alam but at the same time, i am an experience photographer with Picturesyndicate. Don't hesitate to call me if you need my service either in WEDDING, PORTRAITURE, and any EVENT or even for your PORTFOLIO at 013-488 2455.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Mid Semester Break - Kedah

Nothing much to say.. Just enjoy to be at home again.. But work still must be done.. That's a life.. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Outing : Strobist Meet Up!

Salam, hye.. :)

Okeh, entry untuk kali nie just nak update pasal gambar strobist yg saya dan Team Picturesyndicate jalankan sebelum abes cuti sem aritu.. Agak dalam sebulan dah la.. Haha.. Lambat update sebab xsempat den nak mengedit dan terlupa actually..

So, just nak kongsi sikit pasal setting yang kami guna.. Dalam gambar2 nie, kami menggunakan 3 speedlight keseluruhannya.. Untuk kedudukan, tgk point2 kat bawah eh.. Buat karangan jadi semak samun.. :P

1. 45 Degree dari kiri subjek.. Tapi bukan dari tepi, but dari atas.. Yang 2, digunakan dengan payung untuk diffusekan cahaya..
2. Dari kanan subjek, tapi tidaklah straight 90 Degree, terkehadapan sikit agar dapat side light.. 
3. Dari belakang subjek agar kita dapat melihat back light.. 

Okeh, untuk hasilnya, tgk sendiri la gambar kat bawah eh.. Thanx to Bro Aki yang sudi perturunkan ilmu2 beliau.. Malam 2, kami belajar pasal 2 light dan jugak 3 light.. Sikit2 la.. Nak mahir kena la explore sendiri.. Dia just tunjuk ja.. :D

Btw, terbaca dalam facebook tadi ada sorg sahabat tulis nota tentang elemen2 yang perlu diambil kira dalam strobist nie.. Maaf sy xingat nama.. Tp sy ingat info 2.. Sudi2 PM sy di FB eh kalau tuan empunya yang tulis nie menjenguk blog nie eh.. :)

Elemen2 itu adalah:-
1. Shutter Speed
2. Aperture
3. Power Of Light.
4. Distance of Light to the Subject
5. ISO..

So, renung2kan dan selamat beramal.. :D

Aiman Azizan.

BTW, this is our team members.. Picturesyndicate.. From left Ahmad Syarafi, Ahmad Aki, Mohd Faiz and me, Aiman Azizan. :)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why Wedding Photography is so expensive?

Very often we are asked by our clients: how much wedding photography will cost? And than the question is usually followed by another one: Why is it so expensive? I put below explanation by wedding photographer from London Randolf Quan posted originally on Photocritic.org.

In Randolph’s own words…

Spring is in full bloom here in the UK, so the hectic summer wedding season is about to arrive. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of couples asking me why wedding photography prices are so expensive. While it may seem like wedding photographers live an amazing life by charging through the roof for a day of work, it’s hardly the case.

It goes without saying that weddings are a costly affair. From the venue to the caterer to the wedding favors, the tab just keeps getting higher, and it often seems that wedding photographers are charging a large chunk of that tab. But have you ever though why wedding photography prices are so high? It’s because of the associated costs of being a wedding photographer.

Being a good photographer is an expensive investment. Sure, you can find cheap wedding photographers out there, but they’re cheap because they’ve possible cut corners on equipment, and insurance. Or they’re just plain stupid (you hired cheap and stupid?) So let’s take a look at what goes into a photographer’s overhead that adds up to the final cost of your wedding photographer.

1. Labor costs. This one is pretty standard across all industries. A photographer’s work doesn’t end when your wedding does. After the 5-10 hours they’ve put in working (on a Saturday, no less) at your nuptials, the photographer spends hours and hours editing your images so you get a wide array of perfect photographs by which to remember your day. Its not uncommon to work a full 3-4 days editing a wedding. Their time is even more valuable when you factor in the limited number of weekends in a year there are for a photographer to work.

2. Staff salaries. If you book a photographer that comes with assistants or second photographers, your cost is going to be higher. In return for getting more images from various places on your day, your photographer is going to have the pay those assistants.

3. Equipment. The pieces of equipment a photographer carries around is not your typical point-and-shoot. High-end lenses and bodies average around £1500 each. Photographers also carry back-up equipment in case their primary equipment fails, which adds to the cost of the wedding photography prices. In case your photographer is living in the Jurassic period and hasn’t switched over to digital (there are a few out there, somewhere), you also have to factor in the cost of film. Good wedding photographers easily can bring over £10,000 worth of equipment to shoot your wedding. Add in the prices of computers and editing programs like photoshop ( you did buy it right?) and costs begin to skyrocket. Luckily, its not always necessary in the UK to own a car so let’s not go there.

4. Insurance. Because cameras and equipment cost so much, photographers are smart to insure them. Just in case your drunk (who your mom insisted on inviting) cousin Jimmy decides he wants to spray champagne all over the wedding photographer’s equipment for a joke.

5. Web site. In this day and age, a photographer has to market himself with a very high-tech, professional Web site, which can cost a lot to design and maintain if the photographer doesn’t have web design skills. Its not unreasonable to spend over £5000 a year on website updates, and online marketing such as the sponsored links on Google.

6. Advertising. In that same vein, photographers also have to spend money on other types of advertising such as ads in the newspaper, business cards and brochures.

7. Photo extras. If you knew how much albums cost you’d have a heart attack. Albums are extraordinarily expensive and are often added into the wedding photography prices. Don’t forget the time it takes to design them as well.

8. Education. The more educated a photographer is, the better techniques and specializations will be used while shooting a wedding. As everything else, that education comes at a cost through instructors, college degrees, extra classes and seminars, etc. Intangibles such as expertise aren’t easy to measure monetarily, although we try!

So while you may be asking, “why does photographer X cost so much more than photographer Y?” the answer might be simple: Photographer X has spent more money developing his or her business into a full-fledged photography service, which ends up costing more money than an inexperienced photographer who moonlights part time on the weekend.

….And those Porsches we drive up to your wedding in just don’t pay for themselves now do they?


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The Outing : Strobist


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Maher Zain Live In Malaysia

Salam.. :)

Hye, semua.. :D Okeh, entry kali nie lebih kepada maklumat terbaru dan juga sharing lah yea.. As for the title I've wrote, we'll talk about Maher Zain, a famous singer from Sweden, who is sing a song with a good messege that related to the God.. Cam berserabut ayat english aku kan? So, I'll mix it up from now.. Haha.. Xdela 100% english or malay.. I'll make it 50-50.. :)

Maher Zain was born in 1981 in Lebanon. His father Mustapha Maher was a singer in his hometown Tripoli (in Lebanon). His family moved to Sweden when Maher was only eight, where he continued his schooling. Maher got his first keyboard when he was ten. He later entered university and got a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering. During his teenage years, he liked to spend late nights at school with his friends where they would sing, rap, compose and experiment with music. 

Clear x pasal background dia? Okeh, yg 2, aku copy dari Wikipedia.. Haha.. Malas nak menulis banyak2.. Kalau nak tau lebih lanjut, rajin2 la google eh.. :D 

Maher Zain is an artist under the Awakening Records yang turut membariskan artis2 seperti Mesut Kurtis dan ramai lagi.. Album pertama beliau iaitu Thank You Allah telah menduduki tangga pertama dalam Amazon.com World Music Chart.. Antara lagu2 yang terkenal adalah Thank You Allah, Barakallah, For The Rest Of My Life dan jugak banyak lagi lah.. I almost can memorize all of them.. :D 

Sebelum nie Maher Zain sudah pernah menjejakkan kaki ke Malaysia dalam Konsert "Save The Soul" yang telah diadakan di Dewan MBAS, Shah Alam selain penampilan dengan 2 lagu dalam Konsert "Palestine, Tomorrow Will Be Free" di UIAM Gombak.. Dan saya sempat untuk join konsert yang diadakan di UIAM Gombak 2.. Sangat best dan masih mantap terlekat di ingatan walaupun hanya 2 lagu yang dinyanyikan.. :)

Dan pada tahun ini, Maher Zain akan membuat 1 konsert besar-besaran di Stadium Melawati Shah Alam pada 25hb-26hb February 2011.. And InsyaALLAH, I'll be there.. :) So, kalau nak lebih info pasal konsert untuk kali nie, just search Fanpage Maher Zain di Facebook atau terus ke tickethotline.com.. :)

So, enjoy gambar yang saya shoot masa konsert di UIAM yea.. Enjoice! 



Tuesday, January 11, 2011