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My name is Aiman Azizan. I am accounting student at UiTM Shah Alam but at the same time, i am an experience photographer with Picturesyndicate. Don't hesitate to call me if you need my service either in WEDDING, PORTRAITURE, and any EVENT or even for your PORTFOLIO at 013-488 2455.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Tunang : Efy & Zafir

Pasangan : Efy & Zafir
Lokasi : Jalan Pegawai, Kedah.

Thanx to effy sebab beri kepercayaan kepada kami dari team Picturesyndicate. Photo by Aiman Azizan & Ahmad Syarafi. 


  1. thanx both of u.. contact me at princeaiman@gmail.com or my phone number if u would like to get my services.. :)

  2. huh! tunang dah efy. baru nie syuhadaa kawen. bila tatau turn kita nak sampai haa ty? hehe :D